Chilling In Duncan With Winter Tires

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There’s more to winter tires than Greer drivers may think. Those days of clunky, tractor-like snow tires are long gone in SC, replaced by high-tech winter tires with special rubber compounds and advanced tread designs.

In Greer winter temperatures, the rubber in summer tires becomes hard and inflexible and they don’t grip the road as well. In contrast, winter tires use special rubber compounds that are more pliable when the thermometer drops below 45 degrees in SC giving you better road contact; so even if you don’t get much snow, winter tires will really add to your cold weather safety in Greer.
Winter tires may also use a micro-pore rubber compound that increases surface area so they can bite into ice and packed snow on Greer roads and freeways.

The tread on winter tires needs to clear out water, snow and slush as the tire turns so it’s ready to take another bite when it comes back in contact with the road. But summer tires can actually be dangerous because they get packed with snow, making them very slick, and your vehicle hard to control. Winter tires have a lot of thin slits in the tread called sipes which help the tire grab ice and packed snow, providing extra traction.

Many new vehicles in Duncan come with all-season tires which are great for a wide range of Duncan weather and road conditions, but don’t provide top performance in SC snow and ice. For example winter tires provide 25 to 50% more traction than all-season tires. And all-season tires take up to 42% longer to stop than winter tires in slick Startex conditions.
For all these reasons, the tire experts at Advantage Auto in Greer recommend you put winter tires on all four wheels because it makes sense to have equal traction and handling at all four corners of your vehicle. Uneven traction could result in loss of control for Duncan drivers.

Your vehicle may be equipped with stability control, anti-lock brakes and traction control – all important safety systems for SC drivers. But in order to do their job you still need good traction in Lyman. Winter tires help you start, stop and corner when things get cold and slippery in Greer.

So when Duncan temperatures drop below 45 degrees, be sure you have a set of four winter tires for maximum performancein snow, ice and wet Greer roads. Your caring Advantage Auto tire professional can help you find the right winter tire for your vehicle and driving needs in Greer.

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